About us

Love at first sight

The Sole Company was born about forty years ago, when aunt Alessandra found an artical in the Corriere della Sera journal. For years she had dreamed of moving from Milan to Tuscany, but she had not yet been able to find the place that suited her. When she discovered the Sole she fell in love at first sight. And he moved there without even waiting for the heating system to be completed. It was Christmas Eve 1986.

Some say that ours was a squared choice. First aunt Alessandra. Then I, who chose to live here with my family. I wanted to contribute and bring new energy into the company. My husband, Santiago, was also spurring me on. My dream of creating a farm soon became his. So I participated in the incentive projects of the European Community with the same spirit with which I bought a lottery ticket: you hope to win, but you don’t believe it all the way. Instead one incentive, we won 4. It was a sign that our dream was coming true.

And so we said goodbye to Argentine Patagonia, where we ran a hotel, and moved here, to put down roots in Val d’Orcia with our young children.

To give shape to the dream thought my brother Filippo, who is an architect by profession, but perhaps, deep down, is an archaeologist of emotions. Ours, at least. It was he who oversaw the restoration of the farmhouse, recovering its memory and soul, not only the original structure and materials.

The vibrations that came out of his drawings gave us a vision of the future every time. We already imagined ourselves here, thinking about the day we would open, the guests to welcome, the new memories to build with children, dogs, friends.

It was time to go home, in the farmhouse of summer holidays, horseback riding, sunsets in front of which every dream is a possibility. Yes, it was really time to return to what for me has always been mine, indeed, our place in the world”.

Maria Arenosto.

The farmhouse

Originally belonging to the de Gori family, who extended their properties to the Maremma, the farmhouse was the only one in the area to be surrounded by olive trees. And it was also the only place where you could find Chianina cattle.

Agriturismo Sole, which offers bed & breakfast service and small meals for guests only, is perfectly integrated into the landscape. From its position at the top of the hill it offers views of extraordinary charm with the colors of nature that change at any time of the day and in every season of the year. The most exciting moment? The sunset with its colors that inspired the name Sun.

Outside the farmhouse has the classic façade in local stone, the result of a skilful conservative restoration carried out through the recovery of the materials of the old shed (stones, bricks), tiles and original volumes.

Great attention has been paid to the sustainability of the structure and the safety of the building, achieved by adopting anti-seismic and anti-thermal solutions.

A series of solar panels produces electricity to power Agriturismo Sole. Geothermal system was chosen for heating, while air conditioning is not used for cooling, but a mechanical ventilation system has been adopted that eliminates humidity and creates the pleasant cellar effect.


Breakfast is considered an authentic ritual, the moment of maximum conviviality between the family … and guests of Agriturismo Sole.

Maria and Santiago are very attentive and scrupulous in their food proposals. Local products (milk, eggs, cheeses, cold cuts, honey) are the absolute protagonists to bring to the table and seasonality dictates the rules of dishes, recipes and combinations.

Among the delicacies of breakfast, there are cakes with preserves and homemade jams. Every morning a different one is proposed and, on request, it can also be served in the room. Fruit (plums, figs, apricots, apples) and organic vegetables come from the trees and the garden of the farmhouse.

Where we are

Agriturismo Sole is located in the municipality of Trequanda, in the territory of the Crete Senesi, 32 kilometers from Siena and a few minutes drive from the 5 municipalities of the Val d’Orcia: Montepulciano, Montalcino, Pienza, Radicofani and San Quirico d’Orcia. The farmhouse can be reached with a short detour from the S.P. 38, 2.7 km away. of Traquanda.

From here you can easily and quickly reach other beautiful places in Tuscany, such as Cortona, Pienza, Monticchiello, Asciano, Castelmuzio, Chiusure, Montefollonico, Petroio, San Giovanni d’Asso, etc.

The rooms

Agriturismo Sole offers its guests 7 rooms, all different from each other and identified with names of animals that can be found in the territory or near the farmhouse: Il Gallo, L’Oca, La Cinta Senese, Il Cavallo Maremmano, La Mucca Chianina, La Cinghiale and I Caprioli (apartment).

The rooms have typical Tuscan terracotta floors and ceilings with exposed wooden beams. The furniture consists of stylish family pieces, which give each room a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

The beds are custom-made by the wrought iron craftsman, Biagiotti, from Pienza. Each shower top, in travertine, is different from the others and contributes, with its considerable size, to increase the comfort of the accommodation.

A touch of class is constituted by the brass taps, made by the craftsman Nicolazzi, to immerse the guest in an intimate and traditional environment. The view of one of the most iconic scenery of the Sienese countryside is one of Sole’s strong points.

The Caprioli apartment, with its terracotta floor and ceiling with exposed wooden beams overlooks the olive grove.

The Cinghiale room is characterized by its four-poster bed handmade by the wrought iron craftsman Bigiotti of Pienza.

The Chianina room is ready to host with its large double bed and breathtaking views of the surrounding hills.

The Cavallo Maremmano room, furnished with typical Tuscan taste, is the ideal accommodation for a family of four.

The Cinta Senese room, surrounded by greenery, is a treasure chest of intimate elegance, with elegant and refined furnishings that dialogue with the external environment.

The Oca room, intimate, cozy, ideal for guests with disabilities, offers all modern comforts combined with the style of a real farmhouse of the past.

The Gallo room, overlooking the beautiful garden of the farmhouse, is another small jewel of the farmhouse, with its stylish furnishings and its authentic atmosphere.