Olio & Co

The olive tree is one of the characteristic crops of these clayey hills and the Agriturismo Sole has made the choice to devote itself to the cultivation of this plant, in contrast to the most frequent wineries.

In an area of property extended over an area of 14 hectares there are 5000 olive trees from which the Agriturismo Sole produces an organic extra virgin certified from multicultivar olives, with a soft taste, but polite and decisive in the mouth.

The olive harvest is carried out strictly by hand and the pressing takes place within the next 24 hours at a nearby mill. Helping in the collection and following the procedures up to the finished product is one of the most engaging experiences for guests during their stay at Agriturismo Sole.

The vegetable garden and fruit trees

The agricultural production of Agriturismo Sole, in addition to olives, includes the common varieties of seasonal vegetables, grown with organic techniques, and plum trees, quinces, apricots, figs, for the care of which chemical pesticides have been banned.

The fruit and vegetables of Agriturismo Sole provide the raw material for healthy and tasty breakfasts, prepared every morning by Maria and Santiago: a real strength of the farmhouse.

The Truffle

The clayey hills of this portion of Tuscany, hide in their subsoil one of the most sought after fruits of the earth: the white truffle of Asciano.

In the property of the farmhouse there is a truffle ground, declared and rented to third parties, where you can go in search of the Treasure of the Crete and enrich the range of possible experiences at the Agriturismo Sole.

Sought or tasted, the white truffle of Asciano becomes the protagonist of delicious gourmet moments to live in the relaxed elegance of the farmhouse.

The wine

Agriturismo Sole has chosen not to produce wine, but to focus exclusively on the production of oil.

For lovers and admirers of great Tuscan wines, near the farmhouse, there are several wineries that produce some of the most prestigious DOC Brunello di Montalcino, Rosso di Montepulciano, Chianti.

Maria and Santiago are always available to guests to dispense valuable advice on where to taste and buy the best wine productions of the area.